The Journal of STEM Arts, Crafts, and Constructions is a scholarly journal that seeks to engage professionals, including preK-12 teachers, in a conversation about the benefits of arts integration; the ways that the STEM subjects can be integrated with the arts to produce effective teaching (STEAM Education); and how the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), can be effectively implemented with integrated arts, crafts, or constructions. Manuscripts, including guest editorials, are blind peer-reviewed by usually two reviewers and an associate editor or by three reviewers. This editorial explains the Journal’s origin in a faculty professional learning community. The Journal has a national reach with plans for two issues each year. The editorial discusses what the Journal is looking for in manuscript submissions, how the Journal may be of use to readers, and highlights of the articles in this issue. Finally, the editor explains the 5E’s learning cycle lesson model, which is an effective format for inquiry lessons to readers who may be interested in incorporating this format into lessons and future manuscripts.



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