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This manual has been organized into seven sections. Section 1 introduces the reader to fluid management and potential rewards of a fluid management program. Section 2 provides a brief review of cutting fluid systems, functions of cutting fluids and characteristics a fluid should have in order to perform safely and effectively. Section 3 presents information on cutting fluid selection and types of cutting fluids available. It covers the four types of metalworking fluids used today, their advantages and disadvantages, and factors to consider in selecting a fluid. Section 4 is the main focus of this manual. It discusses the four integral components of fluid management–administration, monitoring, maintenance, and recycling. It provides information on practices that can be readily adopted to prevent the onset of fluid degradation, maintain fluid quality, extend fluid service life and reduce waste. Section 5 presents information on waste management and disposal. It provides an overview of environmental regulations that pertain to spent cutting fluid and reviews possible disposal alternatives for waste cutting fluid. Section 6 looks at alternatives to cutting fluids. Advantages and disadvantages of dry machining and other existing technology is examined, and information is presented on a number of emerging technologies that can extend cutting fluid life or even eliminate traditional cutting fluids altogether. Section 7 provides detailed information on the subject of worker health and safety, and provides sources for additional information on this subject. Appendix A contains several case studies. These studies demonstrate how the many pieces of a cutting fluid management system can be fit together to provide an effective, economical and efficient operation.


Waste minimization; Metal-working lubricants--Waste disposal; Machine shops--Waste disposal;

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Cutting Fluid Management: Small Machining Operations



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