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To recognize the need for creativity in the classroom as one of the growing concerns in the educational community today is not difficult. When the various teaching methods in science are evaluated, the highly pronounced need for more creativity in science instruction is evident. Few teachers, it seems, experiment actively with teaching techniques and curriculum materials. Most find what works for them and stick with it, and, often, this means teaching science as a lecture course (with some group discussion and a few laboratory experiences). Beginning teachers tend to imitate the persons they considered to have been their best teachers. This often results in a series of lectures supported by small quantities of laboratory work and group discussion. Teachers normally use a textbook as the central focus of the course, supplementing it with a sometimes distantly related laboratory workbook. The teacher and the textbook take on the roles of authority figures, disseminating information in a clear and forthright manner, while the laboratory serves as nothing but confirmation of what is explained in class. Workbook exercises outside of the laboratory are concerned more with vocabulary drill than with scientific process. Students are asked to memorize factual information (i.e. the history of science) and regurgitate it on examinations rather than actually experiencing science. This method of instruction is not often successful in either sparking student interest in science or promoting student action. Students cannot learn science from a book or series of lectures only. They must seek and experience science in an active manner.

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Winter 1990-91

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Iowa Science Teachers Journal





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