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In the past, the preparation of audio-tutorial tapes has been tedious and time-consuming. In order to produce a commercial quality audio-tutorial tape, the instructor had to outline the format of the presentation, gather the necessary materials, and prepare a rough tape. This tape was then transcribed into a script, the script was edited (usually by the instructor) and a final tape for instructional purposes was prepared from the edited script. Usually the above sequence of steps required approximately eight to ten hours, which would be spread over a two- or three-day period, with the end product being a 30-minute reel-to-reel tape. This procedure resulted in a tape of commercial quality for multi-duplication purposes. Most elementary and secondary teachers do not have the time or the resources for such a venture. Teachers who might be interested in producing tapes would only be interested in developing audio-tutorial tapes for their own classes. However, the procedure described above discourages teachers from preparing tapes rather than encouraging them. We have developed a procedure entitled the Mini-PATT approach which allows teachers to produce instructional tapes suitable for their own classes in a short period of time (usually in about one to three hours for a 30-minute tape).

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March 1974

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Iowa Science Teachers Journal





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