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Although Latinos make up only about 14% of the population of the United States, including Puerto Rico, they accounted for 18% (almost 164,000) of the more than 886,500 AIDS cases diagnosed since the beginning of the epidemic.2 Of the rate of AIDS diagnoses for all racial and ethnic groups, the second highest was the rate for Latinos. Despite the potential consequences of having unprotected sexual intercourse, many Latino adolescents do not use condoms at first intercourse or use condoms on a regular basis.3, 4 Several factors influence condom use among Latinos. Adolescents who initiate sex at later ages and those who report more than one sexual partner are more likely to use condoms on a regular basis.4 Females were as likely as males to engage in sexual practices during the last three months and were likely to have unprotected sex than their male counterparts.4, 5 There is an alarming amount of evidence that Latino adolescents are at increased risk for HIV infection. The purpose of this study is to review the literature on the epidemiologic relationship between barriers to condom use and HIV infection in Latino youth.

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