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Tammy Gregersen


Students, Foreign--Education; Student teachers--Training of;


Although increasing numbers of English Language Learners (ELLs) are joining native English speaking peers in general education classrooms, little research has been conducted to investigate general education teachers' preparation to work with ELLs in a classroom setting or their attitudes toward teaching ELLs. This research surveyed 260 pre-service general education teachers at a mid-sized university in the Midwest to explore their perceptions in the following areas: (1) their level of training and perceived preparedness to work with ELLs, (2) accommodations they would make for ELLs, (3) their expectations for ELLs, and (4) their attitudes toward including ELLs in general education classes. The findings of this research indicate a perceived lack of training to work with ELLs among pre-service general education and a desire for more preparation to work with ELLs, as well a high level of interest toward including ELLs in general education classes.

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