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Dan Perry, Honors Thesis Advisor


College students' art--Iowa--Cedar Falls;


I believe my role as an artist is to process the world around me and articulate my analysis in visual forms that are aesthetically interesting. My proposed project will manifest as sculptures, painting, performance, sound, video and installation art combined to create a visual representation of my mind and emotions in the present. The central element of this work, which happens to be my car “Kevin,” will set the stage for three humanoid sculptures to be displayed. Each figurative sculpture represents a different type of motion: permanence, change, and coping. I will be creating performances with the sculptures separately where I interact with the sculptures physically as a way of portraying this range of emotions. I will create video documentations of these performances that will be a part of the culminating installation and can be accessed via QR codes built into the final artwork.

The purpose behind the creation of this work is a personal artistic exploration, and an attempt to relate and infuse inspiration of the world around me into physical forms for others to experience and potentially connect with.

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