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Todd Bohnenkamp, Honors Thesis Advisor


Camps; Communication disorders in children; Children with disabilities--Services for;


This investigation explores survey information on speech, language, and hearing camps throughout the United States. Thirty-seven speech-language pathologists from the United States agreed to complete the survey about their camp and thirteen completed the entire survey. These camps are growing in popularity and express benefits of attendance. There is currently limited research on assessment measures taken pre- and post- camp to determine the effectiveness of these camps. The purpose of this study was to investigate the structure of these camps, pre- and post- camp evaluation methods, how success is defined, and the impact these camps have. Results from the survey indicated that the majority of speech-language pathologists do use some form of evaluation pre- and post- camp. Results also indicated that the impact and benefits these camps have on participants are often measured from qualitative approaches. Speech-language pathologists reported that camp participants show cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Research should be continued to examine these camps as an effective alternative to traditional approaches in the field of speech-language pathology.

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Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

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