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Nadene Davidson, Honors Thesis Advisor


Teachers--Attitudes; Teachers--Psychology;


The reason that I became a teacher was to help students achieve their full potential. Other people become teachers because they have a passion for working with young kids and seeing them grow. No matter the person and why they became a teacher, they still need to have a plan for how they want to teach. They have to decide what type of teacher they are going to be, how they are going to grade papers, and how much homework to assign. Then over the course of their teaching career they develop and change as a teacher. They learn new things and discover what they think is best for their classroom. When a newly graduated teacher starts their first job, they have a lot of decisions to make about what kind of teacher they want to be. If a teacher wants to act on their passion and make a difference in education, they are going to need a plan for how to teach.

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