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Stephanie Ycaza, Honors Thesis Advisor


Tuba music; Recorded accompaniments (Tuba);


This project is a combination of my senior recital performance with the Honors Thesis project to present a recital of music that explores the genre of Solo Tuba and Fixed Electronic Media. Fixed Electronic Media is a form of accompaniment that is electronically created before the performance and played back through a data storage format, such as CD, DAT, or digital audio file; use of this is a comparatively narrow and new field that is one of the leading edges in compositions for the tuba. The main goal of this performance has been to provide the audience with a sampling of five pieces that each display different aspects and time periods of this genre. It is aimed to be both informative and for entertainment purposes, allowing the general public to experience a snapshot of a genre they might never experience. To accomplish this end, I have created a source review of as many pieces in the genre that I could locate, commenting on style, practical performance details, and where to find each work. Afterwords, I have detailed the process behind preparing for the recital and the reasonings behind the works that I chose to present. By doing this, others who are interested in exploring the field of tuba and electronic music will have a good starting point for their project.

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