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Brooke Wonders, Honors Thesis Advisor


As video games enter cultural consciousness as a form of art there has there been a corresponding increase in interest for pieces of video game criticism. These pieces, like A. Serwer’s “Welcome to Rapture,” and Evan Narcisse’s, “Wrex in effect, or, Deep Space and the Negro/Injun/Krogan Problem” are not product reviews as popularized by IGN or other video game news outlets; rather, they attempt to apply popular literary criticism techniques (Serwer applies a Marxist reading to Bioshock and Narcisse uses an Ethnic Studies lens to analyze Mass Effect) to video games in the same way they would write criticism of a novel or short story. Longform critiques such as John Sharp’s analysis of video game aesthetics in Works of Game: On the Aesthetics of Game and Art have also appeared as a response to the relatively sudden popularity of narratively and artistically complex video games (Narcisse, Serwer, and Sharp).

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