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Wood, Clement, 1888-1950--Criticism and interpretation; Modernism (Literature)--United States--History--20th century; Literature--Southern States--History--20th century; Romanticism--United States--History--20th century;


The following is a literary study on 20th century Alabama poet Clement Wood. As a writer, Wood lived and worked mainly in Alabama and New York, and was greatly involved and connected to the literary movements Modernism, the Southern Renaissance, and American Romanticism. He published many poems, short stories, and criticism in a variety of literary magazines, wrote his own columns, and edited journals as well. Though Wood was heavily involved in this community, his work is under-researched on the whole. Wood’s poetry attests to his mastery of rhyme and form and mainly focuses on the value of nature in relation to our human lives. Because of Wood’s many involvements and literary views, it is difficult to align him to a particular literary movement. As such, the purpose of my research is to situate Wood in a literary tradition by analyzing the main literary movements that influenced him or were active during this era. In doing so, I explore how Wood develops three major thematic areas in his poetry, the natural, the social, and the spiritual. I then juxtapose Wood’s treatment of these areas with how specific Modernist and Southern Renaissance authors address each area in order to determine how Wood fits into the 20th century American literary world.

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