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Melissa Dobosh, Advisor


Employees--Attitudes; Friendship;


Employee engagement has become a popular topic as more organizations strive to create a positive work environment where employees feel connected and fulfilled with their work. This can in turn benefit the organization’s bottom line if more employees are engaged with both their job and the organization itself. Many antecedents have been explored as to what contributes to engagement, but little research directly explores the role of personal relationships in creating an engaged workforce. Therefore, this study aims to identify the impact of workplace friendship on employee engagement. Understanding the relationship between these two variables can help organizations determine how to foster engagement by focusing their efforts on certain antecedents, such as creating an environment for workplace friendships to develop.

The purpose of this research was to explore workplace friendship in reference to employee engagement. The literature review will highlight the linkage between friendship and engagement and survey results will further explore the relationship between both variables. As a result, organizations will further their understanding of the role friendship can play in the workplace, especially in regards to engagement. From this research, organizations can work to implement strategies to engage their employees based off of the research results and conclusion.

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