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Honors Program Thesis (UNI Access Only)

First Advisor

Andrew Berns


Android (Electronic resource); Application software--Development; Music--Computer programs; Composition (Music);


My creative thesis project in the field of computer science is an application (app) for the Android operating system. The application, titled Live Notes, allows a user to plug an electronic musical instrument into an Android smartphone or tablet and transcribe the notes played on that instrument into a musical score, displayed on the screen. I chose this project because similar applications exist for computer operating systems and are very useful for composing music, but no such Android applications had yet been released. This is because Android only recently added comprehensive support for the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) standard, which is the standard by which most electronic instruments and computer applications of this type communicate with each other. Live Notes will be useful because it will allow musicians to easily compose sheet music using only an instrument and an Android device. I also chose this project because I have long had an interest in music applications, but had not yet created one. The project was exploratory, was educational and stimulating for me, and resulted in a unique and potentially very useful Android application.

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Department of Computer Science

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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