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Roy Behrens


Branding (Marketing); University of Northern Iowa. Wellness/Recreation Center;


This thesis produced a branded cross‐media campaign for the UNI Recreation Services department. A brand, or visual identity, was needed to tie together all of the promotional materials being produced for Recreation Services. Before I created the brand, the department's materials did not have a consistent visual style, and each program within the department maintained its own materials. As a result, visitors who came to the department office often left with a handful of visually inconsistent printed materials. Additionally, print materials often needed to incorporate large areas of purple and gold in order to stay within guidelines set by University Relations. While these guidelines did create visual consistency with the brand of the university as a whole, the department's promotional materials did not stand out from the materials of any other department on campus. I also wanted to take on the brand as an exercise to ready myself as a professional graphic designer. As with many brands, UNI's overall (or "parent") brand has several visual guidelines, and I wanted to take on the creative challenge to design something fresh and new but that was still acceptable within the parent brand.

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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