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In the last decade, significant changes have occurred in the makeup of the college student population. Prior to the 19701s middle to upper class white males predominated and the student population tended to be academically homogeneous because colleges determined and limited their enrollments on the basis of academic records and test scores. During the 19701s there was an influx of student admissions from all races and socioeconomic groupings. College student populations changed along sexual parameters, too, with women constituting an increasingly larger percentage of the enrollment in higher education. Indeed, women account for most of the enrollment growth in recent years (Tittle and Denker, 1980). Women students were prompted in part by a greater awareness of expanding role options but Waldenberg (1981) cited expected labor market returns as the most important factor motivating women to participate in increasing numbers in higher education. Whatever the reason, this change is having an effect on our educational and economic systems.

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