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The study dealt with the copyright controversy which began in 1965, how it came about, what the law consists of, suggested solutions to resolve the problem. and how it may affect the different interest groups, which consitst of publishers, authors, librarians, patrons, and educators. The solutions includ�d a royalty fee of 5¢ per page, a flat rate solution of $4 per transaction, plus 10¢ per page, and a reprint service which averages 30¢ per copy. The researcher applied these solutions to three different high school media centers that she had visited. The district media centers and area educational agencies media centers were also examined in relation to the high school, but the formulas were not applied as precise information was not available. The results were that the flat rate would be the most expen­sive to the schools, and that all three solutions require · additional budgeting and excessive record centers that photocopy for patrons .

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Master of Arts


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Elizabeth Martin


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