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Past studies have shown that students tend to select materials quickly and often rely on displays, peer advice, or help from a specialist (Connaway, Dickey, & Radford, 2011; Elliot, 2015). What these studies have not addressed is whether or not the library organization is also an inhibiting factor to students' reading selections. The purpose of this study was to explore how seventh and eighth grade students interacted with a fiction collection partially organized by genres compared with a collection organized by author to identify strengths and weaknesses of various organizational systems in supporting independent student selection of books. This mixed methods case study examined the practices of seventh and eighth grade students as they selected pleasure reading books in these two different library organizational systems. Students also filled out a reading log which included questions about how they chose their selections. Based on these data sources, student behavior remained relatively consistent in different library fiction collection organizational systems. Many students preferred to explore collections independently initially, while others relied on recommendations and displays for guidance. Students also preferred to use a multitude of strategies before selecting a pleasure reading book and enjoyed the social aspect of the selection process

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Karla Krueger


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