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The purpose of the study was to obtain information to determine if school districts had board-approved selection policies, with procedures for· handling challenges to library materials when they occur. Another purpose was to determine hxow many censorship incidents occured during the desigriated time, reasons for the challenges, who originated the challenges, what procedures were followed, and what was the final disposition of the materials challenged. The method used to collect the data was a questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent to 116 junior and senior high school media specialists who had been employed in the same position for a minimum of two years. Eighty percent of the questionnaires were returned. Ninety-two percent of the school districts had board-approved selection policies, and 72 percent of these schools' selection policies included procedures to follow when challenges to materials occurred. Fifty percent of the challenges were originated by administrators and selection policy procedures were not followed. Selection policy was followed 50 percent of the time if the challenge was originated by a person of "equal" status. The final disposition of the challenged materials resulted in the materials remaining in the collection seven times, and five the materials were removed or access restricted. times The reason most often given for the challenges was vulgar language. The swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated was cited the most often as the challenged material.

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