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School administrators -- Attitudes; Teacher-administrator relationships; Student-administrator relationships;


Education, in my opinion, is one of the most honorable professions a person can experience. Each teacher or principal involved with educating children is someone that makes a difference in the lives of children and influences them as they become adults. It is amazing to think about the profound impact each educator has on others. No other occupation has such a responsibility. I believe that all children can learn, and I have had a passion for making that a reality since my childhood. I know that I can help children reach their potential. Parents must know that we cherish their children as much as ,they do. My positive outlook on life helps me to challenge others to reach higher goals. The greatest gift we can give children is the ability to be life long learners.

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Master of Arts in Education


Department of Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

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Robert H. Decker

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Victoria L. Robinson


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