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The purpose of this paper is to identify research-based, effective spelling strategies that will improve students' abilities in a classroom. There has been a great debate about the effectiveness of spelling instruction in the classroom. Many studies have been conducted on spelling instruction using a word sort technique. By looking at past and present studies of spelling instruction, educators will be able to see how well these strategies for spelling instruction have worked. This knowledge can help educators design a spelling instruction program that will enhance their students' scores in many curriculum areas. An effective, research-based, contemporary model for teachers to utilize during spelling instruction is called word sorts. This is a method that engages students and allows them to manipulate words as they are learning them. Word sorts can be used in a classroom model an example is provided in this paper, to help improve students' spelling abilities. Implementing effective strategies, such as word sorts that have been researched and proven to work will allow educators to see the growth their students can make. The growth students make will I be shown in the area of spelling but it will also show how that growth in turn affects other academic areas, such as reading and writing.

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Master of Arts in Education


Department of Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

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John E. Henning


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