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The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the efficacy of collaborative teaching. A review of pull-out resource room structure is presented, focusing on the amount of time students miss from the regular classroom. Scheduling is mentioned as a concern, as pull-out students are away from their regular classroom peers and environment for extended periods of time. Its effective and appropriate links to PL 94-142, PL 101-476, and the IDEA are presented.

Collaborative teaching is then defined as an alternative to students being pulled out to receive resource room services. The premises of collaborative teaching are shared. Included are the major components to consider when creating a collaborative teaching team including patience, commitment, communication, resources, and time. Following is a section concentrating on some of the difficulties with collaborative education.

The article continues with descriptions and applications of five collaborative teaching models: one teaching/one assisting, station teaching, parallel tea~hing, alternative teaching, and team teaching. It is noted in.this section that variety in the use of these various teaching models will prove to be most effective for teachers and students. Social and academic benefits for students, as well as benefits for teachers, are discussed as the paper culminates.

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