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A workshop approach to acquiring knowledge from single and multiple experts

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Proceedings of the 1990 ACM SIGBDP Conference on Trends and Directions in Expert Systems, SIGBDP 1990

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Taken as a whole, the workshop approach did accomplish its objective of surfacing ideas, structuring-them, and developing new ideas that promised to serve as the basis for rule development in an expert system. The participation of multiple experts versus a single expert was especially beneficial in determining that there are areas of agreement and disagreement between experts regarding the structure of the domain. This outcome was very useful in developing a further understanding of the nature of the problem under study. In particular, the need for input from multiple sources in the problem area was clarified. Specifically, the application of the knowledge acquisition methodology with the analysis of the structural models supports two working assumptions which need to be validated through additional applied research using the methodology. These assumptions are: (1) Areas of agreement between experts reinforce the importance of that area in the domain and also imply one expert is probably sufficient with regard to that area. (2) Areas of disagreement highlight the need for further exploration and study; These areas of disagreement may also suggest that the resulting expert system needs to include multiple points of view.

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