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Artificial intelligence (AI) supported process planning system for construction

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Proceedings of the Conference on Analysis and Computation

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The use of reinforced concrete is steadily increasing in the world and with it the researchers are facing the challenges to seek and develop bold innovative changes for increasing productivity, quality, and safety in construction. This paper presents new concepts for feature-based design and placement planning of reinforcing bars (rebar). The work discussed in this paper includes the establishment of a feature-based and process oriented planning framework to allow the integration of computer aided design (CAD) and artificial intelligence (AI) for rebar placement planning. The paper also discusses a prototype system for feature-based and process oriented rebar placement planning. The prototype system is implemented on a PC-486 by integrating AutoCAD, dBASE and LEVEL5 OBJECT software. Finally, implementation of the planning model in a real world building project and the results of the study are discussed.

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