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International retail distribution: a case study analysis

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Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute



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This study analyzes the strategic differences in the retailing function between the French and the U.S. toy industries. These strategic differences are underline through an organizational comparison of two toy retailers: LaRecre (France) and Toys 'R' Us (USA). While each of the two retailers distributes toys through chain stores, inherently they conduct business differently. Also, the French and the American markets have particular characteristics, which provide relevant guidelines for distributing toys within these two markets. This study examines how various market differences affect the toy industry in France and in the U.S. In addition, through a what-if analysis we examine a potential market entry strategy that can be employed by a French retailer to enter the U.S. market. Also, this paper explains the success of the U.S. toy retailer, Toys 'R' Us, in France. Finally, this research helps to understand the uniqueness of toy retailing systems in two developed countries.

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