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Material properties improvement of cast A206 using vacuum assisted counter gravity casting process

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Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Processing Materials for Properties

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Recently, there is a growing trend in the aluminum foundry industry to develop improved melting and casting processes to produce lightweight, high-strength, and thin-wall castings for the aerospace and transportation industry. One casting method that has demonstrated industrial potential for producing clean, thin-wall castings is vacuum-assisted, counter gravity casting. This process has the benefit of expeditiously and quiescently filling the casting cavity with a dramatic reduction of furnace related and reoxidation inclusions. Additionally, lower casting temperatures can be utilized because the application of vacuum during filling overcomes the resistive internal cavity pressure resulting in a finer, as-cast microstructure. The paper explores and discusses the processing and design conditions in improving the mechanical properties of A206 casting alloy using the vacuum assisted, counter gravity casting process.

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