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A curriculum update from electromechanical to electrical and information engineering technology at the university of Northern Iowa

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ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings

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This paper describes the outcome of efforts to reengineer the Electromechanical Systems program (EMS) at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) to become Electrical and Information Engineering Technology (EIET). This will be the first four-year Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science degree program of its kind in the state of Iowa. The curriculum update has been approved by the curriculum committees at the department, college, and university levels and will start accepting new, transfer and redeclared student majors in the fall of 2002. Key features of the curriculum update include dropping the mechanical systems courses and adding specialized courses in electrical power, power electronics, analog/digital electronics, control systems, analog/digital communications, microcomputer technology, and computer networking. This new focus for the program will permit sufficient coverage of Engineering Technology design as determined in ABET-TAC to fully justify the term "Engineering Technology" in its name. Additionally, this paper incorporates material describing the mission of the program, a brief summary of articulation efforts with local and regional technical programs at community colleges, and a detailed description of the new curriculum for the EIET program. Manufacturing Technology in the Department of Industrial Technology at the University of Northern Iowa.

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