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Transition from traditional and flexible manufacturing to agile manufacturing: an application in a textile company

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Agility, Flexibility, Resource utilization, Traditional production

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International Journal of Agile Manufacturing





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In today's market conditions, it has become more important to shape production strategies according to different customer demands. Meanwhile, potential customer needs and demands have become more diverse. This new situation has made it more difficult to supply various products promptly by using traditional production systems. In order to be successful in the market, companies need to understand and define the change and they have to respond to these changes as quickly as possible. An agile manufacturing system has to be considered as a system that can adapt to new conditions while also increasing efficiency and productivity of the current production system. The concept of agile manufacturing has been developed, so as to encourage the flexible supply of flexible demand in the market. Agile manufacturing systems facilitate production by unlimited production groups in small numbers and at low cost. Agile manufacturing also is defined as a system that empowers its employees and increases the competitive power of the given company so that it can continue its activities effectively. Nowadays, in order to be successful, it has become essential to grant importance, not only to high quality products and low cost production, but also to changing customer needs. The aim of this study is to show the advantages and disadvantages of agile manufacturing systems by comparing an agile manufacturing system with traditional and flexible manufacturing systems. Specifically, an agile manufacturing system will be applied to a textile company, in order to compare and analyze the results regarding both traditional and flexible systems. © 2006 ISAM.

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