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Differential code-shifted reference ultra-wideband (UWB) radio

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Differential code-shifted reference, Impulse radio, Transmitted reference, Ultra-wideband, Walsh code

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IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference


In this paper, a differential code-shifted reference ultra-wideband (CSR UWB) transceiver has been proposed to reduce the power spent to transmit the reference pulse sequence so as to improve the bit-error rate performance of the systems. In the differential CSR UWB transceiver, by differentially encoding M information bits to be transmitted simultaneously, one data pulse sequence can be used as the reference sequence of another data pulse sequence. Therefore, the power used to transmit the reference pulse sequence can be reduced from half to 1/(M+1) of the total power. The evaluation results obtained from the computer simulations have shown that as compared to the original CSR UWB transceiver, the differential CSR UWB transceiver has much better bit-error rate performance with comparable system complexity. ©2008 IEEE.

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