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Student employees: Hire'em, mold'em, keep'em

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Coaching, Evaluation, Retention, Training

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Proceedings ACM SIGUCCS User Services Conference

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Hiring Student Employees Making the transition from hiring any warm body to selecting from a pool of applicants. Implementing Effective Training Methods Designing a training program that properly prepares your student employee for your environment and also addresses some differences in generational philosophies in the work place. Maintaining Student Employees Creating and providing a work environment that is productive for both and employee and customer and is also a pleasant place and rewarding place to work. Without effective advertising/posting of open positions for student employees in our ITS departments we were constantly faced with the scenario of hiring any warm body due to a low number of applicants. Through our new process we are now seeing an increased number of applicants for available positions and also just to keep on file as new positions open up. A few examples of how this was accomplished would be: 1) Strategic advertising (orientation, online job board) 2) Streamlining the online application process 3) Hiring students from one ITS division for another based on experience 4) Fast-tracking the training process for each position Generational philosophies can also affect not only promptness to the job but the way your student employee handles both walk-in and phone-in customers. This can also be related to the "texting" syndrome where both dialogue and typing at the work place take on an abbreviated atmosphere. © 2011 ACM.


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