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Why college athletes play through pain during competition

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Sports Medicine and Training Tools

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Within the environment of sport, athletes must often overlook and ignore pain and injury to be successful. In light of this, the current study, using an open-ended question, explored reasons why collegiate athletes made the decision to play through pain during competition. Male (n = 67) and female (n = 60) collegiate athletes from a variety of sports completed a demographic questionnaire and an open-ended question asking the reason why they played through pain during competition. Of the 127 participants, 77 (61%) reported that they had played through pain during competition. Data analysis included two researchers individually coding participants' answers. Five major labels -for the self, nature of sport, for others, pain, and self-presentation - explained why athletes' were determined to play through pain during competition. Participants' responses suggest they have internalized the norms of the sport ethic and the culture of risk. © 2011 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.


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