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Let’s Talk About Death: Conversation and Bereavement in Late-Life Widows and Widowers [Poster]

Perceptions of the police: The role of need for cognition and numeracy

Unveiling Shadows: How to Optimize Shadow Detection in HSI through Combination of LiDAR and Histogram Thresholding

Poisons in Romeo and Juliet

Characterization of a New mtDNA Minicircle in a Chewing Louse, Geomydoecus aurei

Assessing CP - 42 Habitat Value for Bees using the Floral Resource Index

Base & Summit: American Women's Right on Either Side of the Passing of the 19th Amendment

Research in the Capitol is a collaborative effort of the honors programs from the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. In the spring of every year, the three Regents universities send 20 students to provide poster presentations of undergraduate research. The event celebrates how undergraduates learn by doing research in a variety of fields. This event is hosted by the Honors & Scholars Programs, but all UNI students are eligible to participate.

Listed above are the poster presentations from the 2020 event which was cancelled due to COVID-19. Even though the 2020 event was cancelled, students still had an opportunity to archive their research in UNI ScholarWorks. The most downloaded poster from 2020 is , "Perceptions of the police: The role of need for cognition and numeracy," by Carolyn Pham (2020) with 67 global downloads.

To view the collection of Research in the Capitol Programs, click here. The programs contain information about the student presenters from all three Iowa Regent Universities.

To view the Photo Galleries from the Research in the Capitol events, click here. The photos are of UNI students attending the event in 2019 and 2018.