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Pre-service teacher knowledge and attitudes about the trans body in the classroom: Implications for teacher education


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Transgender students--Education; Transgender students--Public opinion; Student teachers--Attitudes;


The purpose of this study was to explore the knowledge and attitudes of pre-service teachers about the presence of a trans bodied student in their future classroom. Participants (N = 201) included pre-service teachers with Junior standing and current student teachers who would be teaching a variety of subjects in their future classrooms. An online assessment was provided to the participants and included a demographic questionnaire, an Attitude Assessment, a Knowledge Assessment, an open-ended Final Thoughts question and a few education specific questions. Five participants who matched the desired criteria were asked to sit for an interview. The results indicated that although their knowledge was low their overall attitudes about having a trans bodied student in their future classroom was positive. A chi-squared analysis demonstrated that there was a relationship between knowledge and attitudes, knowledge and where they obtained knowledge, knowledge and international student status, knowledge and hometown size, knowledge and race, and knowledge and the class they were taking. This study provides implications for the future of teacher education as well as higher education curriculum.

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Doctor of Education


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