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Composition (Music);


This graduation composition recital was a public recital, which took place on 13 March 2019. This recital included three pieces; each work is programmatic and portrays some aspect of encountering obstacles, and how to avoid them or work through them. Conquering Life’s Limitations, for trumpet and piano, is about living with a handicap and the ensuing struggles to overcome it. The Illusive King, for violin, viola and piano, is inspired by people with deceptive behaviors who fail to take accountability for their actions. The Inner Titan’s Present Predicament is a two-movement piece for solo piano that depicts how one deals with some kind of inner struggle, whether minor or serious. This abstract will summarize the structural, rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic components of each piece. Relevant examples are given to demonstrate these components. All three works have an ABA’ form. There is a graph included for each piece with upper and lower case letters, depicting the form and structure of the piece. The upper case letters signify large sections, while the lower case letters denote smaller sections

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Master of Music


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Jonathan Schwabe, Chair, Thesis Committee

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