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Glaciers--Models; Glaciology--Wyoming--Wind River Range; Paleoclimatology--Wyoming--Wind River Range;


Various approaches, ranging from in-field morphological reconstructions to more technology-based modelling practices allow us to reconstruct and understand the long-term geomorphic evolution of landscapes. The study of paleo-environments by reconstruction can also give us profound insight into paleo-climate. A new model, GlaRe (Glacial Reconstruction), has been introduced into the alpine glacier modeling community to facilitate glacier reconstruction. In this research the mathematical equations representing the basal shear stress parameter are tested to determine the applicability of the GlaRe model to alpine glaciers in the American West. Known ages and extents of past glacier advances were used to test the reconstructions of two valley glaciers in the east flanks of the Wind River Range, Wyoming. GlaRe predicts the ice thickness of the glacier accurately when a variable basal shear stress is applied. If the default values programmed into the GlaRe toolbox are utilized the resulting outputs contain significant error. Models which have been vetted and validated by analytical solutions and field evidence can be used as a tool to facilitate insight into glacier observation. Validation of glacier models will enable accurate prediction of glacier dynamics in the present and for the future.

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Master of Arts


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Dennis Dahms, Chair, Thesis Committee

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