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Response to Intervention (RTI) is being used in schools more often and continues to be a more accepted way to help students prior to the need for special education services. RTI is a three-tiered system of support that provides an opportunity for teachers to look at their instruction and curriculum and adjust based upon student progress and needs. The RTI framework, when implemented with fidelity, has been shown to effectively assist students get academic help early and limit the number of special education referrals (VanDerHeyden, Witt, & Gilbertson, 2007).

Although RTI has been shown to promote positive change in student outcomes, there are still several problems with RTI implementation and the framework. One of the biggest issues is the insufficiency of teacher training. Teachers’ are going into the field feeling like they have little to no knowledge of RTI and how to implement it in the classroom (Barrio & Combes, 2014). The purpose of this study is to assess pre-service teachers’ knowledge of the RTI framework and confidence in that knowledge. Additionally, this study will investigate faculty knowledge of RTI in order to better understand student knowledge on this topic. Due to the current lack of research on this topic, the current study will add to the current research on pre-service teacher’s knowledge of RTI.

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Specialist in Education


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Dr. Nicole Skaar, Chair, Thesis Committee

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