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Despite the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement calling the end to Liberia’s back-to-back civil wars in 2003, Liberia’s peace remains fragile with a high number of out of school children, especially in rural communities. As an indicator of state fragility, rural education needs to be a priority in post-conflict reconstruction. This thesis emerged to support the nongovernmental organization, Supporting Programs in Community Empowerment (SPICE), an emerging Liberian-based nongovernmental organization.

The methodologies for this action research project was a needs assessment, which resulted in the development of the Needs Assessment Report: Paving the Way for the Future of Liberian Children. Through open-ended interviews of governmental and nongovernmental organization leaders and community forums held at rural schools, the needs assessment identified programming goals, objectives, and strategies for SPICE's programming. This thesis reviews a brief history of Liberia as a fragile state; needs assessment methodologies; and the development of SPICE's programming with an emphasis on the development of the Child-Centered Social-Ecological Model for Postconflict Reconstruction.

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Master of Arts


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Dr. Annette Lynch, Chair, Thesis Committee

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