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Drug abuse--Saudi Arabia--Prevention; Physical education teachers--Training of--Saudi Arabia; Physical education teachers--Saudi Arabia--Attitudes;


Physical education teachers should have a knowledge base about health as it directly affects their teaching practice and performance. Thus, it is important to investigate the drug prevention knowledge of physical educators. For the purpose of this study, three research questions were created to discover the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of in-service high school physical education teachers about drug prevention in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia. A total of 108 participants returned the questionnaires and 95 of the responses were used for the final analysis. The statistical tests used in the analysis of the data included descriptive statistics, t tests, correlations, and one-way ANOVAS.

According to the results of this research, PE teachers are not well-informed about the drug prevention. Teachers with fewer years of experience (0-9 years) were significantly more knowledgeable than teachers with more years of experience (greater than 29). Teachers who learned about drug prevention scored better than those who did not learn. There was no significant difference found in teachers’ knowledge of drug prevention based on the highest degree attained and type of school. However, years of teaching experience and the location of school was found to significantly influence teachers’ knowledge of drug prevention.

Additionally, results indicated that the majority of teachers have neutral attitudes toward drug useing students. Results indicated that 55 teachers (60%) have experienced or dealt with a student who is a drug user, and 36 teachers (40%) have never dealt with a student who is a drug user. The majority of the sample (80%) shared their experience with drug prevention in school and (78%) expressed their interest in learning more about drug prevention. Reasons for the low score of knowledge are discussed and recommendations are provided.

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