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Industrial management--Nigeria; Corporations, American--Nigeria;


The development of an active and viable managerial cadre in the developing nations is necessary for the initiation and sustainment of industrial growth and productivity. Management is not only able to recognize profitable opportunities but also possess sufficient entrepreneurial skills that can be organized for technological growth. Managerial skills are abundantly present in the West and significantly lacking in the developing nations. One of the ways to stimulate industrial growth in the developing nations is to transfer these abundant skills from the West. The transferability of western management technology to non-western cultures has been characterized by uncertainty as regards its transferability.

The purpose of this research study was to analyze the diffusion and integration process of American management technology through its multinational corporations (MNCs) to Nigerian nationals.

A questionnaire instrument was mailed to all U.S.-owned multinational corporations in Nigeria. Of the 119 firms surveyed, 98 (or 82%) responded. The study has determined that:

(1) American corporations are a viable agent in the dissemination of managerial technology to local nationals.

(2) The dissemination of American corporate skills to local firms is through local nationals who have served in managerial capacity with the American firms.

(3) The integration of local nationals into the managerial structure of the American MNCs has a low positive correlation to the diversification of MNCs.

(4) The establishment of MNCs in Nigeria has helped the local manpower development process. MNCs have integrated local nationals into their management structure. However, the perceptions of these managers as they relate to the constraints of management technology transfer are not comparable to the Americans.

(5) The integration of local nationals into the managerial structure of a firm is not dependent on the type of industrial operation of the firm--construction, petrochemical, manufacturing and service industries are equally disposed to integrate local nationals into their managerial structure.

(6) The integration of local managers is not dependent on the nationality (whether American or Nigerian) of the corporate head in the subsidiary operation.

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