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Police Staff College (Great Britain)--Administration; Police--Study and teaching--Great Britain; Police training--Great Britain;


The purpose of the study was to examine curricula change in the area of police professional development in England and Wales. More specifically, it was an examination of the process of change in a professional development institution. The intent was to investigate a comparative institutional model that could assist United States police educators and career development. The Police Staff College. known as Bramshill, agreed to participate in the study. A quantitative-interpretive paradigm was used and three study visits were conducted at Bramshill from May 1990 to September 1991. Participants included the Police Group, Directing, and Support Staff. Each participant was asked to describe his/her interpretation of organizational change at Bramshill as recommended by the 1989 House of Commons, Home Affairs Committee. Data gathering included interviews, participants-observation, and documentary analysis. Interviews were tape recorded, transcribes, and inductively analyzed to identify emerging themes. Documents such as course descriptions, House of Commons papers, correspondence, inventory photographs, and personal documents were analyzed.

Results indicated institutional change was initiated by Police Group members, Parliamentary recommendations, and the implementation of Her Majesty's Inspectorate services. Specific change was observed relating to curriculum, career, development, budget, staffing, and policy. The researcher concluded that participatory management and leadership were implemented in a matrix, or interactive style, which replaced an hierarchical structure of institutional organization. The researcher discovered that interactive communication was the major factor which contributed to the adaptation of the matrix of management organization. The researcher also discovered a priority of leadership which was an attempt to integrate more women and minorities into College Staff.

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