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Telematics; Computer conferencing; Education--Data processing; Teachers--Iowa;


The purpose of the study was to examine, using a case study methodology, interactions among a group of Iowa teachers involved in a computer mediated communication project, to better understand those elements which may impact sustained usage of computer mediated communication. The study involved examination of one year's worth of on-line journal postings and interactive conferences, and interviews with the 22 teachers involved in the project.

The multiple sources of data collected were analyzed using a methodology known as constant comparative, and the analysis presented according to the following themes:

  1. What topics did the participants discuss while using computer mediated communication?
  2. Were there differences in language used by the teachers in the weekly journals versus the on-line conferences?
  3. What were the reflective responses of these teachers when questioned about their involvement with computer mediated communication?

The study found that topics of discussion evolving from the teacher's use of computer mediated communication fell into four areas: social, school related, class related, and personal. The study also found a significant difference in the language used by the teachers in their weekly journals versus the on-line conferences. Analysis of the reflective responses to the interview questions revealed behavioral or attitudinal patterns in the areas of home use, frequency of use, sharing of experiences, relevance to teaching, viability for inservice activities, time commitment, and support.

Examination of the above findings revealed differences impacting sustained usage in the areas of gender, the teachers' perception of the innovative aspects of the new technology, and their attitude toward time commitment.

Recommendations were made in the areas of (a) time for integration of new technologies, (b) working collaboratively, (c) technical support, (d) school district commitment, (e) funding, and (f) additional research.

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Doctor of Education


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Sharon E. Smaldino, Co-Chair

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Robert H. Decker, Co-Chair

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