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School music--Instruction and study; School music supervision; Music teachers--Job stress;


The purpose of this study was to identify stress factors which music practitioners experience in the teaching environment. This study was unique in that it utilized both qualitative and quantitative perspectives to identify and to explicate those factors. Four case studies provided a compilation of information from teachers representative of different disciplines, school settings, gender, and experience levels. Survey research, conducted through the use of an instrument designed by M. J. Fimian (1988), "The Teacher Concerns Inventory," was distributed to 166 music educators within an Area Education Agency in a Midwestern state providing a return rate of 62%. The research questions were focused on the identification of the stress factors, sources of stress, and manifestations of stress impacting the music educators in the teaching environment. A comparison of stress factors between music educators and regular educators, between men and women, among specific music content areas, among different levels of teaching experience, and between urban and nonurban settings were also of primary significance to this study.

The findings indicated that the most impactful stressors were the elements of time, student apathy, lack of student motivation, and inadequate salary. Gender differences were significant with regard to manifestations of stress. Urban teachers reported significantly greater differences in discipline and motivation issues as well as with the lack of professional improvement opportunities. Similarly, the case study participants identified student discipline, class scheduling, class sizes, and time constraints as pervasive stressors. Additionally, inadequate methodological and pedagogical preparation, insufficient program budgets and facilities, extended teaching hours beyond the school day, and lack of collegial and administrative support were reported to be large sources of stress.

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