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Students--Self-rating of; Portfolios in education; Students--Self-rating of--Case studies;


The purpose of this study was to identify the factors that seemed to influence student self-assessment in a language arts classroom where portfolios are used as a vehicle to align teaching, learning, and assessment. This was a qualitative study using naturalistic inquiry as a means to identify and explicate those factors. Data were gathered on individual students and the classroom by observation, which took the form of anecdotal records, surveys, portfolio work samples, conferences, and a personal reflective journal. This data provided information for three student portrayals and a composite language arts morning portrayal. The analysis of the portrayals and other relevant data comprised the second section of the study.

Four themes leading to student self-assessment through the use of portfolios emerged from the study. First, a mutual understanding of beliefs about literacy learning was reached between teacher and students. Second, students progressed through three stages of development in attaining self-assessment: connecting, expanding, and accessing. Third, the progress toward self-assessment was embedded in the total learning environment including the structure and ecology, the students' stance toward learning, the curriculum, the pedagogy, and evaluation. Fourth, portfolios are one tool that aid in self-assessment.

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