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Decision support systems--Saudi Arabia; Business--Decision making;


In the industrialized world today, management is characterized by extensive use of computers to manage rapid change, information overload, and complex decision-making. Literature suggests that Decision Support Systems, computer packages offering information retrieval, problem-structuring models, decision alternatives, and other types of decision support, are effective extensions of human decision-making and offer substantial benefits to organizations utilizing them.

In spite of overwhelmingly positive reviews for DSS, empirical literature has produced inconsistent results regarding DSS effectiveness, and definitions of “effectiveness” and of DSS itself are varied and sometimes contradictory. Distinguishing DSS from MIS (management information systems) and other types of managerial computer support has proven to be an essential part of DSS research. An additional gap in DSS research to date is that little is known about DSS use in developing countries and the potential of DSS to improve decision-making and overall organizational effectiveness.

The present empirical study surveyed one member from each of Saudi Arabia's largest corporations to determine to what extent DSS has been incorporated into the companies' decision-making procedures. A second purpose was to determine decision-makers' perceptions of the effectiveness of DSS in terms of their decision processes (time savings, availability of more alternatives, cognitive effort) as well as decision outcomes (decision accuracy and overall quality). The research revealed a high degree of use and enthusiasm for DSS, but revealed gaps in Saudi utilization of the systems. The research identified specific obstacles to more pervasive adaptation and enjoyment of benefits, including a lack of research stemming from researchers' misperceptions of the private sector's interest in and ability to understand Decision Support Systems.

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Doctor of Industrial Technology


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Mohammad F. Fahmy, Chair

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Ali Kashef, Co-Chair

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