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Coal--Storage; Air--Pollution; Particles;


Fugitive dust sources such as aggregate storage piles contribute significantly to the total suspended particulate levels in the ambient air. Particulate levels are monitored and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect public health and welfare. This study monitored particulate concentrations in the ambient air near a coal storage pile. Air samplers and weather stations were placed at two locations, one to the north of the pile and one to the south of the pile, and were used to collect particulate and weather related data.

The data were analyzed to determine the origin of the particulate and to identify factors contributing to changes in monitored concentrations. A detailed wind direction and concentration analysis and associated rating matrix found of the 24 datasets analyzed, 16 showed a negative result. These results provide evidence that a source other than the coal storage pile is the primary source of particulate. Although the coal pile may be contributing to the total concentration, distant as well as nearby sources are likely the primary source of the particulates collected by the monitors. Additional analysis also found that stronger wind gusts are correlated to increased particulate concentrations.

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Master of Science


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Alan Czarnetzki, Chair, Thesis Committee

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