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The recital is presented to demonstrate skills and facility on the rhythm section instruments as well as to provide opportunity for the recitalist to present original compositions and arrangements. Proficiency on rhythm section instruments is necessary in that it offers, among other things, an understanding of the technical components and how they relate to the application of musical concepts of performance and education.

The curation of the recital program also functions as a representation of the recitalist’s artistic aesthetic, specifically in how it relates to pedagogy. The influential jazz educator and pianist Ran Blake asserts that an artist’s primary arsenal as a performer is their personally developed repertoire, as it is their listening made concrete.P0F 1 P My teaching philosophy draws and expands upon the importance of listening as well as exploration into the historical and social-cultural contexts behind the artists, their compositions and recordings, and their associated musical genres. An awareness of the factors that influence the works presents valuable insight and skills to a student that are necessary for a greater engagement and enjoyment of the music.

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Christopher Merz, Chair, Thesis Committee

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