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This recital is divided into two parts; two pieces prior to intermission and three afterwards. The first two pieces From Jewish Life and Concerto for Bass Tuba have more traditional connotations. From Jewish Life is originally a cello piece and has been adapted for tuba. The Concerto for Bass Tuba is one of the most standard pieces in the tuba repertoire. For the purposes of this recital, both are accompanied by piano. The last three pieces are more contemporary and personal. Polka.com is a short, high-energy work for unaccompanied tuba. Cuba and That’s a Plenty feature solo tuba with CD accompaniment. The accompaniment for Cuba is provided by the composer while I created my own accompaniment for That’s a Plenty. I feel the juxtaposition of a more traditional first portion of the recital with a contemporary and personal second portion accurately reflects my goal to leave this program as a more accomplished and wellrounded musician.

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Anthony Williams, Chair, Thesis Committee

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