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Recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Master's Thesis Award - Second Place.

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College buildings--Energy conservation--Iowa--University of Northern Iowa--Remote sensing; Underground pipelines--Insulation--Iowa--University of Northern Iowa--Maintenance and repair; Underground pipelines--Iowa--University of Northern Iowa--Remote sensing;


The goal of this study was to produce and analyze a heat loss map of the University of the Northern Iowa campus using thermal infrared remote sensing data. Aerial data with the spatial resolution of 0.29m and radiometric resolution of 14 bit was collected. A model for the pixel to radiance and temperature conversion was developed with its parameters estimated with an R2 of 0.78. Temperature imagery was shown to be consistent over the time of the survey and accurate to within 12°C. The temperature map then was used to assess the conditions of the rooftops and steam pipelines present in the study area. Analysis of the temperature map revealed a number of rooftops that may be subject to the insulation improvement. Several hot spots were also identified as faults in the insulation of steam pipelines. High-resolution thermal infrared imagery proved to be a highly effective tool for precise heat anomaly detection. Data obtained in this survey is now being used by Facilities Planning department of the University of the Northern Iowa as part of the effective maintenance of buildings and grounds.

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2010 Award

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Master of Arts


Department of Geography

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Ramanathan Sugumaran, Chair, Thesis Committee


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