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University of Northern Iowa--Finance; Educational fund raising--Iowa--Cedar Falls;


A case study was conducted of The University of Northern Iowa's Students First 100 million-dollar comprehensive capital campaign. This study examined the predominant forces, activities, and participants associated with employing the capital campaign strategy at a public comprehensive university. When, how, and in what sequence did these major forces, activities, and participants converge to develop and implement the capital campaign? The study also describes major challenges incurred during the campaign cycle. The initial interview questionnaire was adapted from a study by Leonard Moisan (1986) of the University of Virginia's capital campaign. Seventeen people were interviewed including the President, development staff, and the external consultant. Analysis of the data revealed that four major categories emerged as most related: Leadership, Organization, Planning, and Implementation. Major forces affecting the campaign process were strategic planning, needs assessment, case statement, the feasibility study, setting of campaign priorities, and organizational capacity building. Development staff, aided by the consultant, were primarily responsible for the organization, planning, and implementation of the capital campaign. Presidential leadership was found to be an essential component for conducting a successful capital campaign. The President was the key figure in both providing leadership to attract affluent supporters to the campaign and in assisting the University community in overcoming psychological impediments in regards to the University's ability to launch a comprehensive campaign. The President was also instrumental in utilizing the catalytic nature of the capital campaign strategy to raise private funding, enhance the University's image, change the institution's organizational culture, and achieve his vision of UNI as being best of its class.

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Department of Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Postsecondary Education

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John K. Smith, Co-Chair

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