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Physical education teachers--Training of; Volleyball--Pass--Study and teaching;


This study investigated the change in specialized content knowledge (SCK), specifically error detection skills, and sought to answer the following questions: (a) Does attending a common content knowledge (CCK) and SCK workshop and assessing videotaped performances of a volleyball skill (forearm pass) result in increased ability to identify performance errors in that skill?, and (b) Does attending a CCK and SCK workshop and then assessing one’s own performance have a greater impact on error detection skill development as compared to assessing the performance of a peer?

Participants were 20 undergraduate physical education teacher education (PETE) students (12 male and 8 female) enrolled in PETE courses. A pre-test, post-test experimental design was used to determine the effectiveness of increasing undergraduate students’ SCK through a CCK and SCK workshop and video analysis. Pre-test procedures included participants viewing a middle school male and female performing a volleyball forearm pass and evaluating the performance by indicating if they observed or did not observe the critical elements. The CCK and SCK workshop included instruction of the critical elements of the pass and common errors typically demonstrated by beginners. Video analysis included participants evaluating a peer or themselves performing 10 volleyball passes. The study concluded with a post-test evaluating the same male and female middle school student.

A two-way repeated measures ANOVA was used to compare the pre- and post-test means. Results indicated post-test means for the peer analysis and self-analysis groups were significantly higher than pre-test mean scores. No significant difference was found between groups. Results revealed a trend of participants scoring the lowest on the pre-test evaluation showing the largest change in error detection ability from pre-test to post-test.

This study demonstrated a short workshop and video analysis increased error detection ability for the volleyball forearm pass in undergraduate PETE majors. Physical education teacher education programs may want to consider implementing short instructional episodes to improve error detection skills. Future research should consider investigating the role of feedback on participants as they practice detecting errors and investigating if the number of errors performed by the model during video analysis effects error detection abilities.

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